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Born in Lisbon (1963) Cesar trained at Gulbenkian Ballet
School and the distinguished Escola Centre de Danse
Rosella Hightower in Cannes – France (with teachers from
the Paris Opera), later joining Ballet Gulbenkian as a dancer
were he became principal dancer.

• Early on he developed an interest in choreography and soon
earned opportunities to work with the many visiting guest
choreographers as:
• Rui Horta, Paul Taylor, Elisa Monte, Louis Falco, Christopher
Bruce, Hans Van Manen, Jiri Kilian, Amanda Miller, Nacho
Duato, Matsek, Martino Muller, Itzik Galili, Ohad Naharin, e
William Forsithe.
• He was invited by the Coreographer Nacho Duato to join is
Compañia Nacional de Danza in Madrid under is artistc
direction, whose influence contributed enormously to his
choreographic development and interpretation of dance.
• He gained recognition as a choreographer and teacher through
his extensive work with Gulbenkian with is choregraphy projects
and teaching for dance companies;
• Portugal
• Superior Scholl of Dance
• Dance School of the National Conservatoire
• Lisbon Dance Company
• National Ballet of Portugal – Companhia Nacional de Bailado
• Ballet Gulbenkian
• Lisbon Contemporary Ballet
Dancing with Gulbenkian Ballet Lisbon

As well as the driving force and choreographer of various commercial projects for television, fashion and cinema;
• Cinema – Joaquim Leitão
• Dance Gala–Inauguração do CCB 1993
• ArtistcDirectionandcoreographyMiss Portugal 1996 - José Figueiras(SIC)
• ArtistcDirectionandcoreographyMiss Portugal 1997 - Júlia Pinheiro (SIC)
• HauteCoutureDefilé-Palácio da Ajuda
• Troféus Nova Gente 1998 com Herman José ( RTP 1 ) TV
• ParqueMayor 2000 ( RTP 2) TV
• Coreography of the event Look Elite International Award 2002 com Catarina Furtado
• ( RTP1) TV
• Artistic direction and choreography Lusomundo Premier – Galery 2002
• ( privateTV )
• Prodution of the presentation of Compañia Nacional de Danza ( Nacho Duato ) Coliseu de Lisboa 2002
• Gala of Dance International Day Oeiras 2004
• Dance Gala - Dia Mundial da Dança Oeiras 2005
• Dance Gala Sonae Sierra 3 de Maio 2006
• Dance Gala Oeiras 24 de Março de 2006
• word of Cesar’s choreographic and teaching skills spread and he has visited professionally;
• Teaching and Choreographing in countries such as:
• ChecRepublic
• Germany
• Spain
• Holand
• Brasil
• Índia
• Japan
• Well established now, his distinctive style is inspired by his interest in oriental arts and practices. The popularity of his work is
• From the ashes of Lisbon’s now disbanded Ballet Gulbenkian,in 2006 the Kamu Suna Ballet Company is born under the
artistic direction of César Augusto Moniz.

January 2006
Kamu Suna Ballet Company
is created and direct by César Augusto

2006 – 2007
Kaminari – Thunder
(first creation - ballet piece, Portugal – Japan)
2008 -2009
Love the Earth
(second creation - under the auspice of UNESCO)
Because of the artistic and visual impact of this performance, a new television
serie, about dance, is created
2010 -2011
Galileu Galilei Starry Messenger
(third creation – under the auspice of UNESCO)

Beginning of is colaboration with Comissão Nacional da UNESCO in Portugal
creating the performance, “Love the Earth” a very sucessfull piece about
the Planet, wich was a major sucess, in all Portugal and Japan.
In 2009, is invited to represent Portugal in the World Event of the Closure of
Internacional Year of Planet Earth with the performance of is Ballet
Company, “Love the Earth”.
Again, the work was a big sucess, and the Company was invite by, Planet
Earth Institute (United Nations Entity) to perform in the world events that
Planet Earth Institute is organizing around the World in the United Nations
Head Quarters ( 2011 – 2012 – 2013 Paris, New York, Rio de Janeiro etc..)

2009 - 2010
President of the Juri of:
“So You Think You Can Dance”
famous AmericanTelevision
programe that was presented by SIC,
in the Portuguese television channel, giving him a
huge popularity and recognition amoung the
public and the Dance World.
2010 - 2011 - 2013
Also becomes the
Artistic Director and television presenter, of a new
Television serie (2011 – 2012 – 2013) for RTP2, portuguese TV channel,
wich introduces the best Dance Companys in Portugal.

2011 - 2012
Television presenter and creator of the television serie
Arts and Life
for the portuguese television channel SIC

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